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this site   Graphic Investor provides graphs charts and statistics illustrating pooled investment fund performance. The aim is to show not just the total return from funds but how those returns were achieved over time.

which sector   Choosing the right sector for investment can be more important than choosing a fund within a sector. Unfortunately future sector performance depends on economic, political and market factors, not past performance. Even worse there are so many sectors to choose from. Graphic Investor can help by illustrating the relationships between sectors. Click on the 'Sector Average Performance', 'Correlation Table' and 'Linear Relationships' links on the left to see those relationships plotted.

which fund   To compare fund performance within a sector click on a sector name from the drop-down menus on the left. The comparisons take the form of a contour map. The colour of the map at the intersection of a fund line and a month line shows the profit or loss for that month. The chart as a whole shows the general trends for the sector. 'Difference' plots show the times when funds have performed above or below average.

the data   Fund performance charts are based on the monthly profit or loss of accumulation units - they do not allow for other income. Fund name lists are sorted by total profit over the time period shown on the chart. Total profit is a simple total of the individual monthly percentage values and is not compounded.

search   To search for an individual fund on a chart page use the 'find' function of your browser. Press Ctrl+f to access the find function in either Explorer or Netscape. Only funds active for the length of the analysis are displayed. Newer funds should be assessed using other criteria.

advice   Graphic Investor does not give investment advice. But we do want to hear your comments and suggestions. Please email or, for technical problems, email Thank you.